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Website Redesign With continuous Video Playback In Header.

  • Job typeJob type : Remote
  • Job DurationLess than a week
  • Project LevelMedium Level

Project detail

A highly functional website with modern look and feel needs to redesign website header. New design must have slow-moving videos continuously playing in the Home Page header. Site owner will provide video for this project. 1. Freelancer must design video upload feature to enable upload of Video at the back end of website. 2. Freelancer must enable design to upload multiple videos capable of playing videos and automatically move on to the next video. 3. When all videos in the playlist have been played, player automatically restarts playing from first video on Playlist replaying all videos over again on next Playlist, non-stop. 4. When all playlists have been played, system must automatically re-select the first and start all over again. 5. Playback must automatically move on to the next Playlist when one Playlist is done playing. 6. System must continue video playback from from playlist to the next playlist until all playlists have been played then system automatically starts all over again. All Playback in website header.

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